Welcome to Matheno's Community Forum! 👋🏼

Welcome to Matheno’s Community Forum, free to anyone who’s interested in learning Calculus and has questions, or who would like to discuss and share what they know.

Materials to Learn Calculus

On our main site, Matheno.com, we have many free materials designed to help you learn Calculus well:

  • Interactive Desmos calculators carefully crafted so you can explore key Calculus concepts for yourself.
  • Embedded exercises so you can build your problem-solving abilities step-by-step.
  • Hundreds of practice problems, ranging from “basic” to “exam level.” Every problem has a complete solution a single click away so you’ll never have to search for what to do when you’re stuck. (Spend your time practicing, not searching!)
  • The ability to make whatever mistakes you need to make while you’re in the process of learning, without any penalty whatsoever. (Have you ever learned anything difficult without making some mistakes along the way? Unlikely, since “mistakes” are a big part of how you learn as your brain develops brand-new connections for itself. You must make some goofs along the way!)
  • The ability to mark every problem you tackle so you’ll know which to revisit before your exam. We want you to feel fully confident when you take your actual tests.

Community of Learners

Here at the Forum, community.matheno.com, you can ask questions or and answer those from other community members. To make discussion easier, we have a math editor available in each compose-window so you can easily write a fraction like \frac{1}{2}, or a Calculus limit, \displaystyle{\lim_{x \to \infty}}, or a derivative like \dfrac{dy}{dx}, or an integral like \displaystyle{\int_0^\infty \! xe^{-x} \, dx}. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible to interact with other community members about mathematical, science and engineering ideas.

The only requirement to join the community is a commitment to learning the material well, and to support others’ learning. The word matheno means “to learn” in Greek, and that’s what we’re all about.

Asking for help with a math problem

Our aim is to help you learn well and excel. To that end, we want any homework help you receive to help prepare you for your exams, which means guiding you toward your own solution rather than doing your homework for you. The biggest mistake beginning students make is believing that ‘getting homework done’ means being ready for an exam. The reality is that when you submit the answer to a homework question, you must be fully confident that you can immediately recreate it for yourself from scratch.

So the community can best support your learning, when asking a homework or similar question, please:

  • include the complete question so everyone is clear on what information was provided.

  • explain whatever thoughts you have about the problem, even if you haven’t gotten very far. Include a pic of your initial work if you’d like! You’ll learn the most when we understand what’s already in your brain, and can help you take the next step(s) for yourself from there.

This community is for you, and especially as we launch our forum we welcome your input.